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Opened in 1921, closed for 40 years... then a total renovation in 1999.


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Use Agreement

Use Agreement




It is highly recommended that everyone involved in the planning and execution of your function in the theatre be familiar with this entire agreement.  Planning is critical to keep expenses down and take advantage of the resources available to you under this agreement.  The staff of the Rylander Theatre wants to be helpful and at the same time preserve and protect a valuable community resource for all to enjoy.

Most importantly, if you should have any questions or needs that are not addressed, please bring these to the attention of the theatre and we will try to help you with these needs.

THE THEATRE WILL PROVIDE heat and air conditioning, electrical power, water, and normal pre-and post-event cleaning for the auditorium and stage areas.

USER MAY NOT SUBLET or assign spaces to any other entity. User may not utilize the rented spaces for any purpose other than specified in this agreement.


Ordinances, rules or regulations shall be permitted on Theatre premises.  It is the responsibility of the User to enforce this provision.

THE USER SHALL OBTAIN ALL LICENSES, royalties and permits necessary to present their performances.  The User will assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes or dramatic rights used on the premises or incorporated in the event.

USER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, defend and hold harmless the theatre from any claims or costs, including legal fees, which might arise from the questioning of use of any such material described above.  The Theatre may require evidence of such licenses being in effect, such as ASCAP and BMI, etc.

IN THE EVENT OF CANCELLATION THE USER WILL MAKE public announcements at a reasonable frequency, at User�s expense, immediately upon cancellation by all means reasonable. In the event that refunds are to be issued, the user will be responsible for refunding tickets issued to the user and will have a representative available in the theatre at the time of the cancelled performance.  In the event of cancellation the theatre will be closed and theatre staff will be reduced to mitigate loss of revenue.

THE THEATRE WILL INTERRUPT AND TERMINATE ANY ACTIVITY if it is necessary to protect the public or if the user is in violation of this agreement.  This is at the sole discretion of the Theatre.

SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY TO EVACUATE THE THEATRE in the judgment of the Theatre staff the User will retain possession of the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of the activity without additional rental charge providing such time does not interfere with another User.  If at the discretion of the Theatre staff it is not possible to complete presentation of the activity, rental shall be forfeited, prorated, or adjusted at the discretion of the Theatre Staff based on the situation, and the User hereby waives any claim for damages or compensation from the Theatre.

THE THEATRE MAY REQUIRE additional police protection in its sole discretion, to be charged to the User.

USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES to the Theatre caused by acts of User or it's agents, employees, patrons, guests and artists whether accidental or otherwise. User agrees to leave the facility in the same condition as existed on the date that activity commences ordinary wear and use excepted. This includes restoration of the theatre basic lighting, rigging and sound plots. Any additional charges incurred because of unusual clean-up or incomplete technical restoration will be borne by the User including the removal of unused programs, stage properties and lobby displays, etc.  The minimum fee for such removal is $50.

WHEN FINAL PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED as prescribed in the Lease Agreement, a late payment service charge of 10 percent on the unpaid balance plus 1-1/2% of the unpaid balance per month will be added to the bill.

USER WILL FURNISH TO THE THEATRE THE NAME, mailing and street address and phone numbers of the User's representative. This representative will be the sole person authorized to make decisions or to negotiate with the Theatre. This representative must be present at each performance, will be the sole person authorized to resolve problems and conflicts or to negotiate any alterations in performance procedure with the staff of the Theatre. This representative will be fully authorized to act for and execute documents on behalf of the User.

THE THEATRE RETAINS THE RIGHT TO RENT AT THE SAME TIME as the rental of said premises to the User the use any facility that may be made available to the User. This is at the discretion of the Theatre provided that such renting to others does not unreasonably interfere with the use of said premises by the User.

THEATRE PERSONNEL WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENTER any part of the Theatre at any time.

THE THEATER MAY DISTRIBUTE TO THE AUDIENCE ANNOUNCEMENTS and literature concerning future attractions to be held in the Theatre whether such attractions are under the auspices  of the User or not.

REHEARSALS AT WHICH MORE THAT THIRTY (30) non-production personnel are in attendance will be considered a performance and an additional rental fee of $200 will be added to the base rental.


The Rylander Theatre is owned by The City of Americus and managed by the The Americus Theatre and Cultural Authority with support from The Friends of the Rylander. Inquiries about theater rental, tours and programs should be made to the theatre, at 229.931.0001.

Assistive listening is available in the theatre and may be used free of charge. To use the system, please contact a Rylander Theatre Volunteer Usher, or the Rylander Theatre House Manager. 

The taking of photographs and the possession and or use of audio or video recorders during performances is strictly prohibited.

Advertising must include the theatre box office telephone number.

ALL ADVERTISING (newspaper, radio, television, posters, heralds, flyers, brochures) will contain the true and correct name of the presenting agency or organization, i.e. "Country Music Stars, Inc. Presents..." (abbreviations are not acceptable). The correct name of the theater (Rylander Theatre). 

THE THEATRE LOGO MAY BE USED as a recognizable image for events at the Rylander Theatre. Slicks of the logo are available form the theatre. The logo must be used in its entirety with nothing added. The logo may be rendered in black and blue, or solid black, blue or gold. Theatre images may only be used when a use agreement is in force. 

OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL: Should the show contain any material that may be viewed by any segment of the community as being morally objectionable, the Theatre may at its sole discretion require of the User the inclusion in all advertising of a phrase acceptable to Theatre that alerts the potential ticket buyer to the maturity of the theme or actions. The theatre may, at its sole discretion, contact prior venues in which the presenting company has staged performances to determine whether or not an event should be covered by such disclaimer. The theatre may, at its sole discretion, or on the advice of local law and code enforcement authorities disallow any activity from occurring on theatre property without giving cause. 

IN THE INTEREST OF SERVING THE PUBLIC please provide the theatre with a one-page statement for each event that includes the following: 

- brief synopsis of the show 
- dates and times of the show and all related activities (receptions, meet the cast, cast parties etc.) 

PLEASE PROVIDE THE THEATRE TWO POSTERS to be placed by the theatre in appropriate locations. 

Marquee and reader board text will be determined solely by the theatre. 

Theatre administrative office:

Heather Cross, Managing Director, Office: 229.931.0001 Ext.11 

Brenda Burns, Theatre Box Office:  229.931.0001 Ext.10 

Lane Marchant, Technical Director:  229.931.0001 Ext. 14


Please provide a copy of these pages to the person responsible for technical production activity 
Sound technicians 
Set, Costume, Props, Lighting crews and designers 
Backstage volunteers and helpers 

, and any other materials must conform to all fire and safety codes. The provisions of the fire prevention code that prohibit smoking, flammable decorations, open flames, and explosive or inflammable fluids, gases and compounds must be observed. The Theatre may require written evidence that all such codes have been observed and that operators have the required license(s). 

ANY MATERIAL, EQUIPMENT, OR OBJECT WHICH MAY ENDANGER the life of, or cause bodily injury to any person or constitutes a hazard to the facility is prohibited from the facility. The Theatre has the right to refuse to allow any material, substances, equipment or object to be brought onto the premises and the right to require its immediate removal. 

THE THEATRE WILL INTERRUPT AND TERMINATE ANY ACTIVITY to protect the public or in the event that the user is in violation of this agreement. This is at the sole discretion of the Theatre. 

DELIVERY OF SETS, COSTUMES, AND OTHER MATERIALS prior to contracted time will not be accepted by the Theatre unless prior arrangements have been made and payment for additional time in the space has been made. 

IF ANY SUM IS TO BE PAID TO THE CARRIER upon delivery the Theatre will not accept any goods shipped to the Theatre for the User, or for any person claiming to be acting for the User, without written arrangements including appropriate form of payment for the exact amount. 

will be paid for according to the schedule of fees fixed by the Theatre. 

for production related business only. All production personnel should be given the theatre back stage extension which is 19. All production related calls will be referred to the backstage line. Any expenses incurred by the Theatre for telephone charges will be paid for by User. 

THEATRE PERSONNEL WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENTER any part of the Theatre at any time. 

AUDIENCE SEATING ON THE STAGE, STAGE WINGS OR AISLES IS NOT PERMITTED This includes added seating in Boxes or elsewhere. Stage areas in use pose unique dangers to anyone not familiar with the technical aspects of the production. Patrons or other non-stage personnel are not allowed on stage or in the wings at any time. 

. User further agrees not to suffer or commit any waste on the premises. 

WHERE FOOD AND BEVERAGES ARE REQUIRED FOR CAST and/or crew, the only area where they may be served is backstage. 

. Foods are not to be left in the theatre unless they are tightly sealed in plastic or metal containers. Theatre supplies are not to be used for hospitality service, personal makeup or preparation needs of the talent or crew. The User will pay the theatre for cleaning service should this not be adhered to in any way. The theatre reserves the right to refuse any such activity without cause. 

THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES NOT SERVED by and from the theatre concession is not allowed. The theatre retains the right not to serve and to remove, without cause, any person from the theatre in violation of this policy or who appears to be intoxicated. 

LODGING IS FORBIDDEN. The User, or any persons claiming to be acting for the User, is prohibited from using the Theatre as a sleeping or lodging accommodation. 

. Animals used in performance may be brought into the Theatre only during actual rehearsal or performance. 

VEHICLES PARKED IN UNAUTHORIZED AREAS ARE TOWED without notice. There is no parking in any area behind the theatre. Users are asked to park in Rylander Park across from the theatre leaving on street parking spaces available for theatre audiences and downtown business customers. 

THE FUNCTION OF THE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR IS to facilitate your use of the theatre, theatre resources consistent with the types and specifications of theatre equipment included for your use. The Technical Director is responsible for assuring that the rules for use of the theatre are followed and governs access to the theatre space and backstage areas. The theatre will not allow access to the theatre space and backstage area to any person unless previous arrangements have been made with the Technical Director. The user is to abide by the directions of the Technical Director. 

ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED TO OPERATE ANY THEATER EQUIPMENT. The theatre allows the use of volunteers to reduce production costs. The User is solely responsible for arranging for all production needs not met by the theatre resources included in this agreement. All personnel working in a production capacity will abide by the directions of the Technical Director who shall have the authority to allow or disallow access to the theatre and theatre resources by any individual. 

User agrees to furnish the Theatre, at the time of signing this agreement, a copy of the contract with complete technical information and rider between User and the Act to be presented. Portions of this contract concerning financial arrangements should be excised.


Please provide a copy of these pages to: 
Volunteer and parent support groups 
Production house managers 

THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF AND ENTRANCE TO THE THEATRE THE HALLS, stairs, lobbies, audience chambers and alleyways may not be obstructed or encumbered in any manner. 

THE THEATRE MANAGEMENT WILL SUPERVISE the overall theater operation. The theatre has absolute and final authority in regards to the times for opening the lobbies, opening the House, start of the program, length of intermission, safety of staff and audience and protection of the facility. At no time shall the number of persons in the theatre exceed 627. 

THE THEATRE WILL ENDEAVOR TO PROVIDE VOLUNTEER ushers, ticket-takers and other front of house personnel deemed necessary. You are encouraged to provide your own volunteers and the theatre will be happy to include these volunteers in theatre operations. Should it become necessary to secure paid personnel, a fee over and above the prevailing rate will be added to the house costs to cover Workmen's Compensation Insurance premiums, financing charges, and administrative expenses incurred by the theatre. This decision is at the sole discretion of the theatre. 

THE AUDITORIUM WILL BE OPENED THIRTY MINUTES PRIOR to show time. The program will begin at the time printed on the tickets, or the time advertised in promotional materials. Production related equipment must be removed from the auditorium no later than one hour prior to show time. If the program is two hours or longer, there shall be an intermission twenty (20) minutes in length. These times are absolute and the user is expected to accommodate this schedule. The theatre will determine whether or not the event is ticketed and will have sole control over the number of people occupying the theatre. 

ALL SECURITY ARRANGEMENTS DEEMED ADVISABLE BY THE THEATRE will be made by the Theatre and will be billed to the User as a reimbursable. Firearms of any kind may not be carried, displayed or used by any person other than security personnel authorized by the Theatre. 

THE THEATRE HOUSE PHONE is to be limited to production related business only and the length of calls must be controlled. All production personnel should be given the theatre back stage number which is 229.931.0001 EXT 19. All production related calls will be referred to the backstage line. Production related business should be conducted on the theatre backstage line only. 

THE THEATRE WILL OPERATE ANY AND ALL CONCESSIONS including, but not limited to, sale of food, beverages and other merchandise at or in the Rylander Theatre. The Theatre will use such areas as are, in its opinion, necessary for such concessions. The Theatre will determine which concessions will be in operation at any given time. 

WHEN PERMISSION TO SELL SOUVENIRS is granted in writing to User, the Theatre will receive 20 percent (20%) of gross sales. 

NO FREE SAMPLES OF FOOD, beverage or any product may be given away or otherwise distributed without prior written approval of the Theatre. 

THE THEATRE MAY REFUSE TO ALLOW DISTRIBUTION of any flier, tract or other such item without cause. The User is to remove all such items from the theatre immediately following each event. The User must notify the theatre of any planned activity of this sort. 

EXISTING THEATRE DISPLAYS, theatre contribution and drop boxes are not to be moved, tampered with or disturbed in any way. Under no circumstances is theatre advertising to be obstructed or interfered with. Tables, displays or any such items are not to be placed in any lobby area. 

NOTHING IS TO BE AFFIXED TO ANY INTERIOR surface of the facility at any time in any manner.

For questions concerning any portion of these rules and regulations, please contact us.

Thank you,

The Rylander