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The History


Opened in 1921, closed for 40 years... then a total renovation in 1999.


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Sumter Players

sumterplayerlogoThe local Sumter Players produce great work.


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Moller Organ

The 1928 restored Moller theater pipe organ. It is one of only two theater pipe organs in Georgia theaters.

Showing Movies

Instructions For Showing a Movie at the Rylander
1.  Go on stage and lower R. P. Screen.
2.  Lower legs for masking wings (black curtains).
3.  From top of equipment box stage left, remove Crestron remote from charger stand.
4.  Tap screen of remote.  Display will indicate System and Projector.  Turn System on by tapping appropriate box.  Turn Projector on when ready to show movie.  Be careful not to turn Projector on then off before showing movie.  Reset time is about 15 minutes.
5.  Take remote unit and go to sound board.  Take key to component rack switch and power up component rack.  Turn mixing board on by flipping switch on rear of board located on lower right hand side to left of power cord.  Channels for Crestron are written on board.  All settings are preset so board should be ready to play.
6.  Turn on left hand balcony speaker if applicable (audience in balcony).  Right hand speaker comes on when rack is powered up.  Go downstairs and turn on three speakers in front of the stage.  All other speakers come on when component rack is keyed on.
7.  Go to lighting booth above gallery to locate DVD and VHS players.  Take remote for Crestron system with you.  Players should be turned on.  (Video rack comes on when system on box is tapped on remote.)
8.  Tap screen on Crestron system remote to activate screen.  Find box in lower right hand corner of screen labeled Main and tap.  Input Select menu will appear.  Select VCR or DVD by tapping appropriate box.  After selection is made tap "System" in lower left hand corner of screen which will take you back to the System display.  In lower right hand corner of system screen is a box labeled Volume.  When pressed, a display will appear that allows you to raise or lower volume of presentation using A/V volume boxes.
9.  To load tape or DVD into machines, plug in tape or press eject button on DVD.  To operate machines it is suggested to find individual remotes in cabinet above house light controls.  This will allow you to cue up presentation using the small black and white screen in top of video rack.
10. Turn on projector with Crestron system remote by tapping screen.  Tap appropriate box to activate and you are ready to start presentation by using individual unit remotes.
11. Make sure aisle lights are on in the auditorium (turn timer knob to the time setting desired.  Knob is located directly beneath House light panel and is hidden by cover plate for house pane.  Do not close cover, just lift up and locate aisle light knob then let cover hang open.
12. Start presentation as house lights are going out.  Use house light panel in booth to take out lights.  Enjoy movie.  Remember, volume can be adjusted from your Crestron remote.
13. After movie restore house lights.  Eject your tape or DVD from machine and turn off system and projector with Crestron remote.  Go down to sound board and turn off rack using key and power down mixing (sound) board with switch located on right hand side at back next to power cord.
14. Turn off balcony speaker and three front of stage speakers.
15. Raise RP screen and stage masking.
16. Return Crestron remote to charger base on top of equipment box stage left.
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