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The History


Opened in 1921, closed for 40 years... then a total renovation in 1999.


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Sumter Players

sumterplayerlogoThe local Sumter Players produce great work.


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Moller Organ

The 1928 restored Moller theater pipe organ. It is one of only two theater pipe organs in Georgia theaters.

Sound System

Microphone Input Locations


Stage Right Proscenium Wall:  1, 2, 3

Stage Left Proscenium Wall:  4, 5, 6

Stage Floor:  7 (SR), 8 (SL)

Upstage Wall (Below Projector): 9

Organ Pit:  10 (HL), 15 (HC), 11 (HR)

Grid:  12, 13, 16

House Back Wall:  14 (HL)


Booth Rack


3) Altec Lansing Graphic Equalizers Model 1431A Zoned For Front Of House, Under Balcony / Barrel Vault and Gallery.


1) Altec Lansing Electronic Crossover Model 1632A.


2) QSC Model USA 900 Amps ( not in use ).


3) Altec Lansing Power Amplifers Model 7140A Zoned For Under Balcony / Barrel Vault/ Inner Lobby, Backstage and Booth Monitors, Gallery Fill.


4) dbx 1046 Quad Compressor / Limiter For Time Delay Between Zones.

Sound Mixing Boards

Primary: Mackie Onyx 3280 8-bus live sound console


Secondary: TOA CX-164 Sixteen Channel Mixing Board


95 ft. 24-channel Audio Snake

Audio Rack

( Located Next To Sound Board Positioned In House Left Balcony Box )


Sony SCD-CE595 Super Audio 5 Disc CD Changer


3) Shure UT4 Wireless Handheld Mic Receivers




2) JBL EON Power 15 Internal Powered Speakers ( Board Output Signal Fed ) House Left and Right On Floor Either Side Of Proscenium.

1) JBL EON Power Sub Subwoofer Located In Organ Pit In Front Of Stage



2) JBL EON Power 10 Powered Speakers ( Board Output Signal Fed ) House Left and Right In Balcony Boxes


Gallery and Under Balcony / Barrel Vault:

Ceiling Array


Peripherals ( Dressing Rooms, Light Booth, Box Office, Lobby, etc. ):

In-Ceiling Speakers



4) JBL EON Power 10 Powered Speakers. 2 Stands Available.



Wireless Lavalier Rack ( Located In House Left Balcony Box):

8) Shure Wireless SLX1 Wireless Transmitters With Lavalier Mics

8) Shure SLX4 Receivers With Snake

3) Shure SM 58 Wireless Handheld Mics

4) Crown Phase Coherent Carioid Floor Mics

3) Shure MX 202 B/C Overhead Cardioid Condenser Mics ( Stored Above Grid - Deployed From Same Position.

4) Shure SM 57 Handheld Wired

2) Shure SM 58 Handheld Wired

10) Astatic Hanheld Wired ( SM 58 Equivalent )

2) Shure SM 81 Unidirectional Condenser Microphones

2) AKG C 480 B comb-ULS/61 Cardioid Condenser Microphones ( Mounted On Either Side Of Balcony Rail, House Left & Right, For Monitor Or Recording Purposes

Video Sound System

Crestron Audio / Video Control Processor ( System tied in with Headset System, Combines Telex Wireless System With Clearcom Wired System. Remote Located On Stage Left.)

Headset Intercom System

ClearCom MS-232 PL Pro Headset System:

6 ClearCom Beltpacks

6 ClearCom Single Muff Headsets


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